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Welcome to the page of the Nederlandse Kring van Fuchsiavrienden.
On this page you will find all the information to fill out the AFS-form.

Just click on the image to go to the RHS Colour chart or the AFS form.

With regards NKvF.

Download AFS Form (pdf)

Filling instruction AFS Form 2019

With care we made an AFS form in which all fields can be filled out by the rules of the AFS. If a field is NOT filled out by the rules of the AFS you will get another page to rectify this. After rectifying, the form will save this rectification and is returns to the (filling out) page. After all fields are filled on out correctly you will see the final page in which it is still possible to rectify for the last time the AFS form. On this (last) page it is possible to upload the picture(s) of the plant.

After the (last) save it is impossible to rectify the AFS form without sending an e-mail to

As stated below the list of rules we use.

Field Rule Example
Year Hybridized YYYY 2019
Year First Introduced YYYY 2019
Address Street + number, zipcode, city, country Streetname 20, 12345, New York, USA
E-mail address Existing e-mail
RHS Code will show when select. 127A
Twisted If twisted=Yes you have to fill in Described.
PETALOIDS:(if any) If known, ALL fields must be filled out, except colors.
PARENTAGE: If Seed Paren and Pollent Parent are known, Mutation or Sport of must be empty.
If Mutation or Sport of is filled out Seed Parent and Pollen Parent must be empty.
‘Found’ Seedling of Unknown Parentage If Seed Paren and Pollent Parent are know, ‘Found’ Seedling of Unknown Parentage must be NO.
If filled out = Yes, all fields will be cleared after save.
WILL MAKE GOOD: You must fill out at least 1 option.
PREFERRED EXPOSURE You must fill out at least 1 option.
If Cold weather hardy is chosen, you have to fill the temperature 15(C) or 32(F)