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to the most informative website about fuchsias and fuchsialore  in English and/or Dutch language

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Webmaster/Author: Gerrit van Veen - Rheden, The Netherlands         

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This is URL-domain http://www.geldersefuchsia.info/

Educative website with in 'Fuchsia-info Magazine' much new information about growing and care of fuchsias.In it is a checklist descriptions fuchsia varieties (about 5500). There is also a site with pictures of nearly all stamps fuchsias. In 'Fuchsialore-info Magazine' you find many articles about the collecting hobby fuchsialore, also known as fuchsia related goods. There is also published a catalogue fuchsialore (with allready more than 850 items).And in Antique Botanical Fuchsiaprints are webpages which show the greatest collection antique botanical fuchsia prints, collected from internet. In'Ned-H3 hardy fuchsias' is standing extensive information about hardy fuchsias,tested following a reference standard quality of the winter in USDA-zone 7. From 110 varieties fuchsias,that got the predicate Ned-H3 hardy, there stand photos in'Ned-H3 hardy fuchsia photo gallery'. And there is a serie articles with bring up information of the fuchsiahobby.

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Are you interested in certain information about fuchsias or fuchsialore, than visit first here the Table of Contents

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Fuchsia-info Magazine

   With 68 articles and several subarticles

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Fuchsialore-info Magazine
 With 7 articles and  some subarticles  

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 Catalogue with items fuchsialore

Devided in 19 groups on 57 pages, total about 1100 items

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 Antique botanical fuchsiaprints

 Most of ca. 200 plates are from copperplates found on internet

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Ned-H3 winter hardy fuchsias
Based on the webmasters Dutch book " Winterharde fuchsia's "
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Ned-H3 winter hardy fuchsia photo gallery

With 120 photo's of Ned-H3's devided over 9 galleries.

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'Tried out for you'- A series articles with bring up information of the fuchsiahobby
Much of this information in 14 articles you find not yet in any fuchsiabook or on a website

   Checklist to ca.5500 fuchsia cultivars    

   Checklist names and synoniem names fuchsia species 

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Ook vindt u op deze website achter nevenstaande enter-knop informatie over de scootmobielclub 'The Flintstones'. De leden van deze club maken in clubverband mooie toertochten door het bos- en uiterwaardengebied van Rheden en Rozendaal in Gelderland.


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Allready more than 25 year member of the Dutch fuchsia society NKvF, regio 'Zuid-Gelre'

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First GFI-edition started March 2000.
The second edition started April 2004.
The third edition is from Dec.2005

Last Updated 2 kB.gif (1754 bytes)  November 2008 c-10-frontpage 98 - 10kB.gif (9866 bytes)

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